Sumya anani boxing record

images sumya anani boxing record

She would have, in essence, become his property for the next three years. That was 16 years ago, after all — ancient history in the post-Christy Martin world. Watkins Cultural Center Bruce R. She figured he probably told that to everyone he met. Her head hangs low, shrouded beneath a black towel that tapers around her neck like a hood. Her partners range from burly men in their early 20s to aspiring female heavyweights to boys in their teens. When she beat Gogarty on Showtime, dedicated fans thought their deliverance had arrived. She hung close to the champion, swinging like a windmill. Her voice is gentle, her words sweet; she gives hugs unconditionally.

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    images sumya anani boxing record

    Sumya Anani is a retired American professional female boxer nicknamed "The Island Girl." She was 5'6" and boxed as a junior welterweight. She is best known for a bout which left her opponent severely injured and may have served as an.

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    Result, Record, Opponent, Type, Round, time, Date International Boxing Association female welterweight title.
    Terri Blair5 KOs : Forget her record, she can really fight. Anani offered to give a healing massage. The tempo quickens, each second filled with the melon thud of fists striking, sweat sparking into the floodlit glow.

    But each punch only jolted Anani with more energy. Melinda Cooper9 KOs : year-old Las Vegas fighter has an entertaining style but needs to step up the competition. Post Your Event.

    images sumya anani boxing record
    The Overland Park, Kan. An attentive teacher, Anani moves from student to student, correcting postures, gently guiding suburbanites along the path to divine unity.

    Boxing Career Sumya Anani

    Before she took up boxing, she was a yoga devotee. Anani faced Dallam down and waled away. And in Dallam they seemed particularly daunting: She was 35 pounds heavier, and more weight usually equates into a stronger punch.

    The challenger is a good half-foot taller than Anani, and she has long arms to match. Calendar Categories Adult.

    25, 3, 1.

    Why is Sumya Anani so feared

    10 KOs, 2 KOs. Pro Boxing.

    images sumya anani boxing record

    sex, female. bouts, rounds, KOs, %.

    Women's Boxing Sumya Anani Biography

    status, inactive. career, alias, Island Girl. born, Biography of professional boxer Sumya Anani. Anani first came to prominence in tragic circumstances a few months into her boxing career.

    images sumya anani boxing record

    In her fourth pro. A few jabs into round one, boxing superstar Christy Martin drove an uppercut She'd embarked on her career reluctantly, after seeing Martin's picture “Close your eyes,” Sumya Anani says softly, barely audible above the.
    It would be in Las Vegas.

    He worries that their hopes for a match against Rijker have been dashed. By the final bell, Martin was pretty no more.

    Before discovering yoga, Anani earned a license in massage therapy. Martin cowered against the ropes as Anani plastered her with dozens of unanswered shots. It hangs facing the ring where Anani dances, exchanging blows with a woman 60 pounds heavier than her.

    `Island Girl' stands out Chicago Tribune

    images sumya anani boxing record
    Sumya anani boxing record
    People are on their feet and roaring right through the last flurry of punches, which come all at once like the finale on the Fourth of July. Tonight she will fight for the first time in three months, against an opponent she met only three days ago. Bettina Csabi10 KOs : year-old Hungarian is good but like Christensen, likes to fight soft opposition.

    Join us every Sunday! Anani stays in shape in her home gym and as a yoga instructor, one of the jobs she keeps to supplement her meager boxing earnings.

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